#85. From toe to head.

If eyes are the window to a person’s soul, shoes are the window to a person’s personality. When sizing a person up, specifically the opposite sex, we naturally go from head to toe.  This is logical, seeing as most of us will be interacting in some form or another with a person’s face and not […]

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#85. Invest in the theater.

Unlike Mc-film, a prepackaged treat of controlled volatility and ’emotion’, the theater supplies a real experience.  It calls on the imagination, one of our most under utilized muscles.  Underratedly, theater requires our attention as well- our real, unwavering, chances-are-you-won’t-be-able-to-handle-it-because-you’re-already-too-deep-into-the-social-network-tech-media-instant-satisfaction-rabbit-hole type of attention.  The theater is a chance to challenge yourself.  To sit in a comfortable […]

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#84. How to: Vintage.

Tired of feeling like one of the (J.) crew?   Want to Express yourself? Distance yourself from the boring (Banana) republic of mass produced fashion? Levitate above the sheeple?  Oh yes. The answer lies in vintage. Sure, there are a plethora of companies that have cashed in on the vintage craze, sucking every Urban kid into their […]

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#82. Cater to the extremes.

The word HOST conjures up images of Kennedy-esque sailing galas, dinner on the veranda, and Wednesday night S & M parties, snacks and box o’ wine included.  While all of these are forms of hosting, we must consider ourselves hosts in all endeavors we instigate. By extending any invitation, one immediately assumes the role of […]

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#81. Enjoy this weekend.

Spring is wrapping its fingers around our orb.  Birds are resuming the chirp.  Buds are beeing themselves.  ‘Indoors’ is not an option this weekend.  This weekend is a celebration of physical interaction with and mental stimulation by way of nature.  Commit to the bosom of the natural.  Find no complacency in climate control and televisions.  […]

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