#2. You CAN enjoy weed in public.

Navigating weed is a serious part of growing up;  When to do it, with whom, what to smoke, should you smoke.  Much of this blog will deal with that.  One of the first rules I learned was to relax and be smart about it.  Smoking in the privacy of your own home is pretty simple. But what if you’re at the beach, walking down Broadway, or want to duck into an alley before heading into a bar?  As with many things in life, its all about your image.  Don’t look sketchy and you won’t attract attention.  Also, be smart about it.  Walking in NYC, I smell weed at more street corners than ever before.  What I don’t ever see though, is anyone smoking it.  Be smart.  It’s that simple.  If the cops do roll by, drop the jay, walk calmly around a corner, and then bolt.  Blend in with the crowd.  As with everything in this blog, I speak from experience.  It works.


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