#13. When she says she’s fine, say OK.

This is a generalization.  Not all women are like this…

So many of us have been there.  An altercation with your significant other ensues.  You make your point, she makes hers.  You ask if she is fine with the outcome.  She says “Whatever, I’m fine”.

My brothers! Hear me! At that point, you are officially off the hook.  For too long those three words have ensnared boyfriends and husbands.  If she cannot or does not want to express her thoughts in words, she is at fault for the anger she chooses to harbor.  It is not your job to see through her muddied gimmicks.  (It goes without saying that a male attempting this feeble game of dragging sympathy out of your lady friend is a huge nisht nisht as well.)

Go my friends. Be free of this deliberate and obvious trickery.  Quell it before it siezes and mangles your relationship with it’s ugly tentacles of forced sympathy.


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