#18. Get lost.

There was a simple experiment done about two years ago that quantifies something I was taught when I was a wee lad.  With the introduction of new stimuli, our psychological clock slows down.  We age slower.  Stimuli range from meeting a new person to brushing your teeth with different toothpaste.  One of the best ways to change up a routine (which is the absolute time eraser), is to get lost.

When walking or driving home, ask yourself if you can spare thirty minutes.  If you can (you know you can!), take a different route.  On your way, watch the people, stare at a tree,  sniff the air, get lost.  It’s autumn dammit.  This air was made for mind clearing, psycho enhancing experiences that stretch your youth and advance your appreciation for the mundane.

It is the perfect time of year to ditch the routine and layer on fresh experience.  Remember, no matter how small the change, you are pushing off having an old and saggy brain.


3 thoughts on “#18. Get lost.

  1. As I reluctantly perused your site, I was thrown back at the haunting truth with which you dissect society and offer your seemingly old-fashioned yet stimulating conjectures. These life-sized tidbits of information are invigorating and fresh. I myself followed one of these, and I am still feeling the recoil of the original spring I found in my step days after I went on a so called “older brother advice” adventure. I hope you continue, as I cannot continue existing so mundanely. It is a necessity for me to start living, and with your help, I may be able to get my life-changing ball rolling. You truly are a gentleman and a scholar.

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