#20. Smaller sizes are better sizes.

Male fashion companies are finally giving credence to the demand for more form fitting clothing.  The biggest change comes from Brooks Brothers, a notoriously fat and fabric heavy company.  Their new “slim” line has hewn six inches off the chest of their classic American style shirts.  If this centuries old company can change, so can you.

No matter what your weight or height, wearing form fitting clothing looks better.  If you have never tried it, the next time you go shopping, try on a size (or two) smaller than you usually would.  While debating in the mirror, comfort yourself by how much more ass you will get wearing that shirt or sweater.  I promise, with a little wear, you will love the way you look and feel.

As for pants, try something between hipster skinny jeans and what you are wearing now.  For those of you with great stems, go for the skinny.


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