#22. Fierce frames make a fierce face.

Glasses are stuck in the merky area between necessity and accessory.  Thankfully, there are many boutique optical shops that have rectified this issue and given us both stylish and durable frames. 

Glasses are just one more option to spice up the male wardrobe, an already drab scene.  If you do make the decision to purchase an interesting pair, consider purchasing a second and third pair as well.  One need not break the bank to find great frames.  I am going on five pairs myself!

For all of you 20/20’s out there, even if you’re lucky enough to be visually sound, pick up a pair and sport them just as you would a tie or wacky socks.


2 thoughts on “#22. Fierce frames make a fierce face.

  1. I have “perfect” vision-but my doc told me this will change. How do I get regular glass (non-prescription) in the glasses and how much do they cost?

    1. 80% of lenses are actually made out of plastic. All frames in optical stores have plastic non prescription lenses in them already. I fully understand that desire to want fresh, not touched or breathed on lenses inside a pair of frames, but your best bet is to stick with the ones in the frames.
      Also, always try and get a deal on frames. You can usually knock $50 off easily.
      Thanks for the question and come back for more OBA!

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