#23. Matching is overrated.

Matching is a tricky bitch.  Too matchy matchy and you’re a middle school teacher.  Clash too much and you’re part of the Fab Five.

There is a comfortable middle ground which most people reside in.  It usually involves an accent on some accessory matching with an article of clothing.  A stripe on a tie pairing with a shirt or a belt accenting a skirt.  Match ups like these are cornerstones of style, and they should remain that way.  What we can do however, is leave this notion of safe pair-ups behind every once in a while.  Wear the black with the blue, the vertical stripes with the horizontal.  Stop worrying about this shade and that.

If it looks funkyzeit in the mirror at home, wear it out!  We buy our clothing.  Why have some higher power dictate every outfit we assemble?


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