#26. Always ask twice.

A person in uniform, any uniform, extracts a trust from the people around them.  We trust the garbage man to properly dispose of the garbage.  A waiter can and will guide our palette to the best meal choice.  A shoe salesman dressed as a referee knows what type of shoe we need.  At least this is what we have come to expect.

Truth is, the majority of the time, claims made by these seemingly credible sources are castles in the sky, bits of brain poo propped on vague recollections of a training manual.  The quickest answer is the rightest answer.  Frankly, it’s not their fault.  Under that indefatigable image of a salesman, waiter, or other civil servant, is a person, usually working a job they do not enjoy, not wanting or needing to do their job to the fullest extent because at the end of the hour, $8.75 is still $ 8.75.

Pressing a salesperson for real information has become a built in necessity of the hourly wage formula.

So, next time you hear “Sorry, we don’t have that size” or “The tuna just sold out!”, ask them to check again.


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