#27. Dance on the daily.

Our true selves come out when no one is looking.  Two Amens to that.  If there were to be a physical habitation of this concept, it would come in the form of the bathroom.  It is there, in the sanctity and ultimate privacy of those close quarters that we explore, judge, shape, cleanse, express, and monitor ourselves.  This makes it the perfect venue for a morning jig.

Staring hard at yourself in the mirror while pumping fists, shaking rump, roboting, or generally flailing, is beneficial for two reasons.  Firstly, it releases endorphins that you will have never before snacked on. These seemingly innocuous movements kick general morning suckiness in the ass in a way Wheaties and wheat germ can’t compare.  Secondly, seeing that you can choose to be as colorful as a Lucky Chang’s waitress every morning and walk away comfortably strengthens your self image.

You know you love someone when they can make a fool of themselves and you are just as attracted to them during and after the incident, if not more.  Love yourself.  Do a dance.


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