#28. Know your drink, Fink.

Bond knows it.  The Most Interesting Man In The World knows it.  Your father knows it.  You should too.  Every gentleman should know their drink.

Think of your drink as your alcoholic stamp, your booze flag.  A drink says a lot about a man. What you order should be what you are comfortable representing, and most importantly, what tastes good.  If you like the Crantini, by all means, go for the Crantini.  Chances are you’ll be called out by the guy drinking the Coors Light.

Sadly, A beer, no matter how imported, is not a drink.

Go confidently to your local drinking establishment, order up a ___________, sit back, and enjoy, knowing that you are drinking your drink, the way your father did, the way his father did, the way his father did…


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