#30. Don’t hate on America.

Sadly, national pride in this country operates on the lowest common denominator, being linked to chain store sales and the Jersey shore.  Most people in America have more pride in their home sports team than their country.

Political zeitgeist is the fuel of healthy debate and it is these mental calisthenics that strengthen our country’s collective mind.  Asking questions and wanting answers from a government is the job of every citizen.  What we must realize however, is that there is a middle ground somewhere between apathy and hatred toward our government and country.

Our grandparents came to this country for a better life, usually with a few bills in their pockets.  Look at us now!  You are reading this off of your laptop or computer at work, where you are making double what they did and living swankier than they ever dreamed possible.  American freedom is a beautiful enigma.

Lets leave the America bashing to Europe and Iran(q) (and the 132 other countries who don’t like us).

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