#32. Good company makes a great high.

With so many to choose from, a high should never be typical.  You’ve got the night out high, the wake and bake, the car ride, the dance, the make out, the laze, the munch, the chill, the laugh, the stare, the eureka!, and a personal favorite, the debate.  Sometimes, if lucky enough, all of these may happen in one magical, hazy evening.

Pot allows us to explore a rare part of ourselves, a section of our brain where the conscious, Seussical, and subconscious collide.  A place where windows are made out of bananas and walls melt like ice cream in the summer.  If advantaged properly, pot will awaken creative and fresh neuro pathways that lay dormant during sobriety and set free the creativity tucked away in our brain’s attic.  Being able to interact with fellow sessioneers whom you trust and whose opinions you value is vital in reaching your cerebral brilliance.  Good company pushes a vision further than you thought possible.  Good company enhances a high to the point of complete hysteria, ending with the entire troupe crying in stitches of laughter.   Good company allows for the creativity and fun to flow like rivers made of pants with happy eggs rowing cheese filled gondolas.  Without good company, a high is just wasted.

And remember, no TV.  It is the contraception of creativity.

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