#34. Know how to set a table.

Any man belonging to the school of thought in which meal preparation, service, hosting, and clean up, is a woman’s task, is no man at all.  For those men wanting to comandeer the preparation of an evening, but find themselves culinarily challenged, the arrangement of the table is a time worthy and fulfilling venture.

As men we must respect the table and what it represents.  Around tables filled with proteins and mead have many an important decision been made.  It is the company of tables that ends wars, saturates us in fits of laughter, and lines our bellies with warm food, pungent spirits, and delicious conversation.  The table is the venue of human interaction.

Your table is your stage.  Take pride in your bounty and let it rest upon a fitting altar.  Imbue it with your aestheticism and allow for your guests the feeling that you have catered this central piece of the evening to their every whim and desire.

Remember, forks on the left, knives on the right.

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