#36. Talk to yourself.

The crazies are the lucky ones; talking to themselves aloud, whenever they please.

Shunned by society, self-talking has acquired a slew of poor associations, crazy being the favorited adjective.  This valuable and necessary exercise has once again been drowned by society’s insecurities.  Speaking to yourself is healthy!  How else are we to logically and concretely sort out a shopping list, a theory, a problem, that exists only in our head?

Need scientific proof?

The frontal lobe of our brain deals with higher brain functions- reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving.  By denying our use of speech we are literally splitting our frontal lobe in two!  It is natural, literally, to speak out our emotions, to move our mouths when solving a problem.

By circumcising our speech from our thoughts, we are paralyzing our ability to think.  It’s that simple.

Start small.  The shower, the mirror, a random corner…  Before you know it you’ll be singing your most inner emotions, cruising down 5th Ave.

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