#37. Seek out a confident woman.

In the typical bass-ackward nature of our society, men deride confident women and are often scared of them.  Heed these next seven words:

Nothing Is Hotter Than A Confident Woman

Only a confident woman can inundate a man with provocative thought, propose a late night rendezvous, properly guide a man in bed.  It is this reversal of our contrived roles that makes such a woman so alluring, so gorgeous.  As men, with our ego and more often than not mythically enhanced apparatuses, a bit of proper placement from the opposite sex goes a lengthy way.  A confident, charismatic, precocious woman, is a high caliber woman, a strong woman, a woman of spousal fibers.

A professor of mine once said, You must marry your litmus test.  Truer words are rarely spoken in regard to the institution of marriage.

Be confident in your confidence to choose a confident woman in which you can confide.

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One thought on “#37. Seek out a confident woman.

  1. Def agree. I love women who know who they are and where they are going. I don’t like being around someone who I have to reassure that they are beautiful and all that. Men need to stop being so scared of a woman that is on their level and stop playing down to these broken women.

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