#39. Pee in the shower. Really!

The average toilet flushed in the United States contains six liters of water.  That is 1.6 gallons of water per flush.  The suggested amount of daily water intake for a healthy young adult is around 1.5 liters, which stems from our urine output of 1.5 liters per day.  We urinate on average 6 times per day.  That is .333 liters of urine per deposit.  This means that we use 5.667 liters or 1.453 gallons of water to flush down .333 liters of urine.  That amount of water is 17 times the amount of urine deposited.  In addition, urine’s high PH level is harmless on skin and is great for athletes foot.

I am no environmental tea bagger but I do understand basic math.  Now, I am not suggesting we pee on ourselves, unless you’re into that or have bad athlete’s foot, but there is a lesson to be learned from these numbers.

Hedonism takes many forms.  Whether it be flushing the toilet or buying bottled water, there is usually a better way.

Aim for the drain.


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