#40. The Belt, Unbuckled.

The belt was, in its original state, a simple necessity. Whether in leather or string form, a belt was used for the express purpose of holding up a pair of ill fitting pants or securing a loose garment. Soon, the belt became such a staple that it begged for aesthetic attention. It was transformed from necessity to accessory. With the advent of mass produced fitted pants, the belt’s essentiality soon turned oblique. Regardless of this technological breakthrough, people loved their decorative waistwear and incorporated the myriad of available fabrics, weaves, and skins, into every beltloop they owned.

The belt has become such a staple, when a person chooses to strut beltless, people gawk, shouting “Fashion Sinner!”. More often than not, I am a beltless man, preferring to let my button and fly do their job, all while leaving the attention getting aspects of my outfit to my non-genital areas. Try beltless for a week. If you own proper fitting clothing, it will look relaxed and cool, not shlumpy. I promise.

However you wear your pants, be confident in your look. After all, without confidence, can one really own their style?


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