#41. Caution: Favors are multi-flavored.

Favors are a dual motive affair.  Firstly, a favor, a gift, or a hand out, is a genuine offer of oneself to another person.  Whether it be in the form of dollars, minutes, or advice, giving as a general concept, comes from a selfless place.  However, with most innocuous deeds comes a subconscious sense of return.  This is no mystery as well as no one’s fault (entirely).  It feels good to do charity work, to foot the dinner bill.

Are we really giving of ourselves for them?  Or for us?

In the end, for the person performing the act, it does not matter what the motive is.  What matters is how and whether you accept the favor.  By mediating favor intake, you can control your expected output.  Favors have a bastard child and it is called returning the favor.  Remember this.

Tread lightly when it comes to these matters.  In the moment, it may seem insignificant and convenient to accept, but in this game of chess known as life, we must always be thinking a few steps ahead.

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