#42. Make yourself anonymous to alcohol (for a week).

Our brain is a computer.  Give it too much of anything, and the ol’ noodle will need time to process, reboot, and recover.  This is bad news for everyone who drinks alcohol, which is, everyone.  Indulging in copious amounts of the sauce may leave you with a short and fierce hangover, but your mental systems will remain in sleep mode for days.

To combat this mental molasses, take a bottle free week.  After a few alcohol free days, your chakras will begin to realign, leaving you feeling like a newborn babe.  Your synapses will fire at a faster rate, your responses will be far less dogged, and your vision will become a bit sharper.  As the late Benjamin Franklin once said, beer is proof that god loves us.  By controlling our intake of this and other fine libations,  we can show how much we love ourselves.

It may sound oxymoronic, but moderation is the furthest thing from mental mediocrity.  Remember that.

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