#43. Don’t wash your hair every day.

We often forget that there existed a time before our time.  A shampoo-less time.  In those dark ages, were people walking around with natty bird’s nests on their heads?  Was their hair so oily and frizzed they had to hide it under white (hilarious) man-wigs?  Of course not!  Look at the gorgeous locks pirates sported as they pillaged the high seas, or the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look of the Neanderthal era (something we try so hard to emulate).

Our bodies have been perfecting themselves for millions of years.  Our feet are perfectly contoured to walk on any type of surface yet, due to cheap manufacturing and modernity, we wear shoes.  Our hair follicles secrete oils and other natural goodies into our hair only to be immediately washed out.  We combat this time-built, gene tested method of hair maintenance by washing and rewashing our hair constantly.  I am all for modernity, and I have a well known shoe fetish, but as usual there is an easier, better way.

Natural oils are great for your hair.  Think of them as hair food.

As a general rule, you should wash your hair at most every other day.  If your job involves sweating profusely, a daily wash is encouraged.  For the rest of us cubicle nuts, its four times a week, max.


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