#44. How to avoid unwanted conversation.

Getting stuck in an unwanted conversation is the pits.  These seemingly unavoidable instances generally occur in one of two forms.  Firstly, there is the incidental run-in.  While this coincidence has led your unexpected guest to gloat over their vacation plans and ask about your job, you would rather shimmy along and thank god they didn’t see you.  The second comes in the form of mistaken loneliness.  At a wedding you have chosen a corner seat to allow for optimal people watching.  While happily slugging down your third scotch, they approach, attempting to save you from your loneliness. Before you know it, you are stuck.  These seemingly unavoidable instances can be deleted from your life completely.

The answer: Compliments.

Apply a fresh coat of compliment and you will blind the person enough to make a quick getaway.  Your compliment will not only act as a veil for your exit, but it will leave your ex conversation partner with a good mental taste in their mouth, causing them to overlook your polite blow off.

Who doesn’t love a compliment?  Exactly.

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2 thoughts on “#44. How to avoid unwanted conversation.

  1. Well I was seated at a sheva brachot next to this principal/rabbi and he kept grilling me. How do I get out of that one?

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