#45. Unplug.

Every now and then, a person must unplug themselves from their routine.  Whether it be shutting your cell phone off for a day, taking a vacation, a staycation, or forgetting that you have cable, unplugging from virtual reality is vital to appreciating reality.  On that note,  I want to thank all of you for enjoying the blog daily, as well as giving so much insightful and critical feedback.  OBA’s author will be taking a short holiday break that will send him to Ireland and London for two weeks.

Much advice has been dispensed over the past few months.  Please!  Feel free to peruse the posts and comment on your favorites as well as the ones you hate.  OBA needs all of the advice and feedback it can get from its loyal readers!  That’s you!

Happy holidays to all and I cannot wait to pick up exactly where we are leaving off!  See you in two weeks!

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