#46. Don’t put yourself down.

Self deprecation seems a logical checks and balances system.  Reminding yourself of your flaws acts as a natural combatant against stinky egoism.  As usual however, there are multiple faces to this process, many of them ugly.  The most notable of these occurs during the all too popular public self doubt session.  Verbalizing your inadequacies to others has become a form of self indulgence, as the audience will almost always immediately coat what may be real deficiencies with sugary boosts of confidence, thereby propping your confidence even higher all while providing it an even shakier foundation.  This self doubt rots your egotistical core.  Furthermore, it is too easy to overdose on self deprecation, which can have catastrophic results.  Ego is just like every other thing on this planet- it requires balance.  Analyzing, internalizing, and struggling against your inefficiencies is far more healthy than simply doting on them.

At the end of the day, self deprication is a devilishly tricky and nonsensical vice, providing its abusers with unhealthy highs and even scarier lows.  Life on this planet is defined by struggle, whether it be against the elements or yourself.  Only with diligent positivity and improvement can we turn this pugilistic endeavor into a waltz.


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