#47. Eat naked.

No, not in a restaurant silly.

While this may ring like a witty title for a kitsch social commentary book, it is meant to be taken literally.  Weight is a concern for even the fittest of us.  Whether it be bulking up or slimming down, as humans, we are cognizant of our mass x gravity.  Routine inspections of our various handles and flaps leave us with certain desires.

A healthy and fun way (especially if you have a partner) to keep tabs on our bodies is by eating naked.  For the Quakers among us, feel free to slap on some underwear.  Seeing our bodies as we consume food is a great way to tell what areas we may need to concentrate on, as well as what areas we are pointlessly obsessing over.  Everyone has stomach rolls!  Aint nothing you can do about it!  Eating naked helps us realize the natural contours of our bodies and how they relate to food.  It is meant to supply not only a deeper understanding of our bodies, but a deeper love for their “flaws” as well.

For those of us that have no qualms with our bodies, eat naked anyway.  As I always say, more nudity equals more fun.


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