#48. Work. Life. Very different.

Few of us have the luxury of indulging our passions while turning out a paycheck.  Our jobs rarely jive with our common interests and passions.  This forces us to assume a personality catered to accomplishing professional tasks, a personality that rarely plays well with others.

Sadly, this work personality often encroaches on our common, social personalities.  This seepage is dangerous.  If we are not careful to guard against using our work tools with friends,  this will inevitably leave them in an awkward purgatory between missing their friend and hating them for being treated like an employee.  The person inflicting the unwanted and demeaning change is usually unaware of this metamorphosis, unwittingly allowing for their actions to result in the loss of a friendship.

Keep your work ethic at work.  Chain your nine to five aggression to the desk.

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