#49. The (n)ever elusive brown shoe.

Until three years ago, a great pair of brown shoes were as hard to find as Atlantis or the Holy Grail.  Fashion houses from Banana Republic to Ferragamo eased this quest by creating more styles and shades of brown shoes than ever before.

There should be two types of brown shoes in a man’s closet.  The first is a chocolate suede brown boot.  This versatile shoe will accent and enhance every conceivable autumn outfit you dare assemble and can be worn with an array of heavier suit fabrics.  Rain proof them with a spritz of waterproofing spray and you will extend their life five fold.  The best thing about these boots is that they age beautifully, moving from prim and delicate to vintage and relaxed.

The second shoe to hunt down is a hefty light-brown leather wingtip.  These shoes bark business, but can be easily adapted to a jeans and T shirt ensemble.  In the summer, give your cuff a small roll or two and try them without socks.

As far as driving moccassins go, I think they have run their course for a few seasons.  Keep them closeted until, mmm, autumn 2012.


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