#50. Make bitchdom your bitch.

When the author of this blog was seven, he needed four (four!) nurses to hold him down during his first flu shot.  He, like many children, could not see beyond his immediate circumstance.

With age we can better quantify why immediate pain, an inoculation, for example, is necessary for long term health and vitality.  Let us extend this notion to other parts of our lives.  In our everyday trek, we encounter optional pinpricks.  Make a stink about the crap entree we were just served?  Call out a coworker for being racist?  Tell a girl on the subway you think she is beautiful?

Most of us would rather melt into our seats than stand out.  However, we must think of these instances as opportunities, as inoculations against bitchdom.  Taking up these tiny challenges, whether in the form of staking a claim or taking a chance, are mental spinach.  They allow for us to build our confidence, the most beautiful and useful color in a person’s social Crayola box.  Confidence breeds results, no matter what challenge or task is presented.

The author of this blog used to be scared to order food from a waiter.  Now, he can ask a stranger for directions and more!  Simple steps people!

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