#51. Three golden rules of driving.

On paper, driving is a terrifying ordeal;  Three thousand pound cages of steel and rubber propelled by gas and fire to speeds in excess of eighty miles per hour, driven by anyone that can pass a test designed for the lowest denominator of social intelligence.  Woah.  Yet, hundreds of millions of people drive safely for the entirety of their driving careers.  Go humanity!  In order to drive into your nineties with a clean record and a lifetime of driving memories, here are three rules to abide by.

1. Your car is a weapon.

Keeping this fact in mind while driving makes you much less likely to mow down a pedestrian.  Hit and runs aren’t fun for anyone.

2. Never drive to the music.

Great music is as crucial to a good car ride as gas is to the engine.  Flail around as much as you can in your seat while leaving the gas pedal alone.  Flip it into cruise if you must.  Otherwise, you’ll hit ninety five and hear sirens as you finish the chorus of Don’t Stop Believing.

3. Drive with the steering wheel, not the brakes.

This is a cautionary tactic that many drivers use.  Instead of steering into a turn with gusto, they ease into it, braking their way around a bend.  Have confidence in your hand-eye coordination.  The brakes are for slowing down, not maneuvering the car.

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One thought on “#51. Three golden rules of driving.

  1. Yo, I’m a good friend of Eric’s (Moed) from London. Just wanted to commend you on your writing, I just read through your entire blog and can identify with so damn much of it…

    PEACE x

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