#52. Follicle follies.

Gel was where the problem originated.  After years of enjoying its rightful place as the sexifier of already thick heads of hair (think Elvis and James Dean), the application of this wonder-product became so zealous and widespread that it went the way of Livestrong bracelets and 22 inch rims; just another abused charade of the ’00’s.  Follicle deficient men seemed to mistake it for Rogaine, over and over again.  Thankfully, as the ’00’s rounded up, hair care for men was given a serious updo.

Today, the market offers a slew of products, from male friendly moose(s) (meese?) to waxes to unnoticeable gels.  Technology has certainly combed its way through the hair market as there is a product for every type of hair.  Before plunging into the product pool, decide if you even need any product at all.  Personally, I rarely wear anything; eau de Jew works great for me.

Let’s not be accused of hair product rape in this new decade.  Ignore the instructions telling you to “apply liberally”.  Leave that to compliments and whipped cream.

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