#53. Prize your discretion.

It is no secret that maintaining privacy is a challenge for some and a bygone thought for many. With over 250 million Facebook users, times are changing, and it is best to accept and ride the wave. We must adapt ourselves to these voyeuristic times. While social networks are much to blame, even more detrimental to privacy’s survival is the current social attitude toward information. If it exists, it is fair game. Gumption and entitlement have replaced respect and distance. Privacy in this day is a rare commodity.

I am all for social networking and the joy it brings to millions. However, many proponents of this new lifestyle have unwittingly given up one of their best god given assets: privacy. Even if you are comfortable with yourself and your actions, so much so that you do not care what is documented of you, spilling too much of yourself onto the social canvas is never a great idea. The internet lacks one vital human essentiality- emotion. Without emotion, pictures and messages are subject to the viewer’s interpretation and discretion, and people love a slutty story.

Guard your discretion closely. Secrets are best enjoyed alone; with a glass of wine, a notebook, you, yourself, and your thoughts.

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