#54. Be mindful of your receptacles.

Conceptually, bathrooms are pretty straight forward .  It is our relationship with them that is quite strange.  Due to their very nature, we are forced to cover them with distractions that mask their necessity and help hide our embarrassment.  This is all extremely understandable, and this author believes the more scented candles and fagots of sticks poking out of potently scented oils, the better.  To add a bit more class to your arrangement, make sure the places you or your guests wouldn’t expect to be clean, are.  Start with your garbages.  Like bathrooms, these waste receptacles can be tidied and toyed with to help mask their true intentions.

Clean out your garbages frequently.  It should be as sensical to you as flushing the toilet.  Garbages, especially bathroom garbages, hold all sorts of private goodies.  Your guests need not know your various cycles and habits.  Having a clean garbage is like flossing your teeth- it shows attention to detail and generally excellent hygienic standards.  If you are a young man between the ages of eighteen and twenty five, heed this advice!  As distant cousins of the pig, we need all of the help we can get in transforming our spaces from a sty to a home.

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