#55. Its called an undershirt for a reason.

These days, men are doing it right.  They are slimming their outfits and waistlines, playing like kids in a crayon box when it comes to color selection, and coiffing like never before.  Baseball hats have all but vanished from the streets of New York.  Halleluja!  Men, we are progressing well as a species but still have many hurdles to clear.  Exhibit A: The Undershirt.

The undershirt is function over form through and through.  It laps up sweat while acting as a barrier between dress shirt and chest hair.  Some men go for the A-shirt, or its politically incorrect uncle, the wife beater.  Either way, men do not realize how unnecessary the undershirt is for most outfits.  Raise your hand if you have seen or were the victim of an undershirt under a T-shirt.  What?!

Your underwear should never show.  OK, splashy socks are an exception.  Regardless, that white Hanes cotton poking out of a shirt makes an outfit look as classy as a Chinese restaurant in A.C.

We are not on Wall Street circa 1996, and this isn’t Jersey circa always (I’m a native, I’m allowed to poke fun).  Hide it or lose it my friends.  Hide it or lose it…

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