#57. Jeans and black dress shoes. Time to settle this!

It wasn’t okay in sixth grade but mom let you get away with it because, well, she loves you and you didn’t know better.  A decade and a half later, there is no excuse. Wearing black dress shoes with jeans is one of the most common modern fashion faux pas.  The root of this issue lies in the craving for everything jean (see Post #12).  When dressing up, many men realize they have little to wear that falls between their jean fetish and their power suit.  Thus they are struck with the idea to marry the two, figuring these nuptials will result in a balanced, classy ensemble.  This ugly marriage births an outfit that goes something like this; Dress shoes, boot cut jeans, untucked white shirt, suit jacket.  I know you can picture it too well!

Certain men can pull this look together. These men are equipped with the proper style black dress shoe, say, a modern wingtip, as well as the right pair of jeans, say, a dark wash pencil cut.  Only with this combination does this faux pas become a dashing display of edgy classic style.

If you dare to attempt this combo, make sure you own the proper accoutrements and please, leave the suit jacket at home and tuck in that shirt!

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