#58. Enjoy your parents’ company.

What is a true friend?  Really, ask yourself.  A parent magnifies these attributes ten fold.

Whether consciously or not, as we age many of us realize that our parents are people first and parents second.  This is a gift.  This breakdown of the natural divide between offspring and parental unit is the portal to a relationship that was impossible as a child.

The stigma of old, disconnected parents must be washed away.  These people are too precious in our lives to be filtered out because of some perceived character flaws we let permeate from popular culture and beyond.  Parents are cool.  They very well may have been cooler than you or me.  They are more interesting than we are, more experienced, and can offer insight we will have to wait thirty years to achieve.  It is a crime not to enjoy their company, not to ask them about life, as well as not to accept them into our lives as people and friends.  With the discomfort of childhood a distant memory, we must get to know our parents on a deeper level.

Enjoying our parents’ company should never stem from guilt.  Guilt implies distance, the antithesis of what this relationship deserves.

We all love ourselves, don’t we?  Where do you think we got “ourselves” from?


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