#59. Watch the size of that watch.

Top Gun is a great movie.  So are Apollo 13 and Hunt For Red October.  All sport leading men with brains and brawn, have adrenaline pumping story lines, and feature big ass watches.  Seeing as all of these characters are based on real professions falling under the guise of the military or government, they are allowed, possibly even required to wear a watch the size of a pancake.

We are not astronauts.  We do not need to tell time in space.  Furthermore,  the average man, as much as it pains this author to admit, will not be leading brave souls miles under the ocean surface to rescue nubile mermaids while fending off zeh Germans, all while keeping track of their air supply on their vitally oversized wrist watch.  (Gentlemen, the impossibility of this occurrence pains me to my core.)  With that said, there is no space in this already overpopulated world for wrist watches that can double as a manhole cover.  Keep your watch small and classy, the way your ego should be.

And yes, the bigger the watch the smaller the penis.  There, I said it.


2 thoughts on “#59. Watch the size of that watch.

  1. I like the idea of the blog, however I have to disagree on large watches. I am not into very flashy or ostentatious jewelry, but I do think watches should be flashy. Now I would not wear a big face watch with a nice suit, but on a Sat with jeans and sneakers, why not?

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