#60. No means no. Nein means nein. Nisht means nisht.

From Adam’s temptation by his fair Eve to Helen unleashing the might of the Greeks on her own Troy,  man has always been a slave to the shape of a woman.  And rightfully so.  What a fine shape it is!  This obsession has birthed poetry, rape, murder, love, and stupidity, among many other forms of rightful or misplaced mental and sexual alacrity.  Sadly however, the amount of positive response to this spell is surely equal to its negative brother.

When a female says no to sex or any other form of intimacy, that is the end of the conversation.  On paper, this sounds simple enough.  After all, who would want to have sex without consent?  Blech.  Many men however cannot, as hard as they struggle, let the issue rest.  Powerless against their small friend, they proceed to manipulate with silver tongues, waiting for that sliver of possibility when she realizes “Of course!  You are worth it!”  Don’t be a creeper.  It is time to start a revolution where brains triumph brass.  When you realize you’re starting the ol’ change her mind game, just don’t.

If you see yourself getting creepy, relieve yourself in the bathroom and go home.  Seriously.

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