#62. Hard work trumps brains.

Have you ever met a doctor who did not know how to speak properly?  How about a stock trader who could not perform simple math?  They may not be intelligent, but they chose to work diligently and tirelessly to achieve their post.  Hard work is the great equalizer.  Anyone can choose to achieve.  One need not be a member of Mensa to achieve success in their desired field.  On the contrary, a big brain may hinder one’s ability to achieve success.  Innate intelligence leads many to believe that they are a self sufficient entity, able to achieve a desired outcome while putting in less work than their peers.  While this may be true in school as well as the lower rungs of success, this parlor trick quickly loses its footing as the ladder gets taller.

Working hard is not confined to total hours logged and beating your cubicle mate in monthly sales. Hard work must be internalized.  Confidence, intelligence, diligence, and dexterity  are the terribly cliche (but necessary) attributes of success.  We must work hard to build these attributes into our systems. Only then can we truly weather the shit storm that comes before the clear blue skies of success.


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