#64. Enjoy a museum. Here’s how.

You have decided to go to a museum.  Excellent decision.  Whether you brave this seemingly incalculable pantheon of aestheticism, history, and knowledge on your own, or you have brought a friend, effort must be put forth to make your artistic gallivant  a success.

Do a bit of research before tackling the galleries.  A spot of knowledge goes a lengthy way when attempting to understand an exhibition, artist, or movement.   Furthermore, many museum goers believe they must furrow their brow and attempt to extract meaning from every piece.  Remember, there is plain old bad art in many upstanding institutions.  If you do not like a piece, move on.  Identifying with three or four pieces in a museum is a massive success.

Another important aspect of museum going is asking questions.  Explore your thoughts, whether it be in a notebook or with your friend.  The museum is an excuse to have an intellectual conversation about a subject you may know little about.

Making the effort to indulge, identify with, and enjoy your local art scene, whether it be at a local high school or The Met, is half the battle.  What you do once you enter these venues should never seem like a chore but rather a refreshing and challenging mental massage.


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