#65. Maintain consistency of character.

Everyone wants to fit in.  It is natural to adapt your speech to the dominant group, to highlight the areas of your life that jive with that group’s interests.  This desire to fit other people’s expectations is not only understandable but necessary in many situations, be they social or professional.  Many people however take this too far, resulting in a dual life involving a complete and conscious misrepresentation of themselves.  While this may be okay within the confines of that social group, be it business men or frat brothers, this ‘new you’ will ultimately conflict with the rest of your life and those who know you best.  Playing a dual role means you intrinsically understand that your two lives will not interact well with each other.

Fitting in is a necessity and can be done in various ways in which one need not misrepresent themselves.  Do not fear being different.  Even in a seemingly homogeneous group, chances are the people within that group are not as similar to one another as they may represent.  Perhaps your frat brother has seen Mamma Mia six times, or maybe your boss is assembling a squirrel army in their basement.

Never silence your true self.  That’s called selling out and sell outs suck.


One thought on “#65. Maintain consistency of character.

  1. This needs to be read to all young men between 18 and 22. Consistency of character is must in being a respectable man. I always mean what I say and say what I mean. It’s important to keep a firm stance on things, because if you are “wishy-washy,” then how can someone trust the information your giving them.

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