#66. Black and blue. How to pull it off.

Until quite recently, it seemed that every time black and blue were paired, mountains would crumble, needles were inserted into eyes, and these color-brothers would claw away from each other, leaving the wearer’s outfit disjointed and their audience appalled.  Too similar! we would yell.  Fashion abomination!  Thankfully, as fashion has progressed, we have married these feuding siblings into a beautifully incestuous relationship.  The collective eye of fashion is open wider than ever, making what used to be unacceptable, acceptable.  Here’s how.

Contrary to what one may assume, an outfit will achieve far greater synthesis as the shades of black and blue inch closer to one another.  This subtle progression in shading gives a wonderful nuanced depth to an outfit.   Try pairing a deep, rich navy or royal blue with a full bodied black (the opposite of worn out, black jeans black).  Think a black cashmere sweater with a dark blue velvet blazer.  This or any other number of black/blue combinations is sure to give you that subtle “Damn right this looks amazing” you’re aiming for.

While a lighter blue and black pairing will work, it will not have the same strength of character as the one laid out a few lines ago.  Regardless!  For the safer dressers among us, by all means, rock that sky blue!


2 thoughts on “#66. Black and blue. How to pull it off.

  1. Good post. I am wearing black and blue together right now. I was always a bit on the scared side to wear this combination, but I found if you pair dark pants with a jacket that is a bit darker than royal blue, you should be good to go. Fashion is all about taking chances and you should live on the edge!

  2. Always a favorite of mine. I even got married in it – full skirt in black silk by Donna Karan paired with a fabulous beaded navy boned silk bustier top from Les Habitudes in LA. Bouquet of large white Columbian roses finished off the look. Ah, the memories

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