#67. Start your night early!(?)

The following is a list of pros and cons for A. starting the evening during double PM digit hours and B. starting the evening during single PM digit hours.

A- Pros: Darker, More people, Elongated pregame, Better music, General late night vibe, Push brain functions further than thought possible, Possible bogeyman sighting.

A- Cons: Its fucking late, Guaranteed hangover, More expensive drinks, Overcrowding, Twice as likely to drunk text, Elevated selectivity by bouncers, Less frequent public transportation, Possible bogeyman sighting.

B- Pros: Happy hour, Early bedtime, No hangover, Lighter out (during summer months), Elongated post venue chill, No hangover, More frequent public transportation, More room at venue, Reserve best spot in venue, No line for bathroom, No hangover, Possible old person sighting, chatting, sharing war stories, gaining a mentor.

B- Cons: Poorer music selection, Shortened pregame, Lighter out (during summer months), Fewer people, Must create vibe with friends rather than feed off of built in late night vibe, Possible old person sighting.

This author leans toward the earlier hours.  In the end its not about what time you go out or where you go.  Its about who you go with.

Remember, whichever way you choose to party, no night is complete without a dash of nudity.

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