#68. Don’t get 21 drunk.

Its fun and scary to watch a friend put back twelve shots.  To see a person slowly drown in a self inflicted deluge of alcohol and lowered brain function is quite a sight.  It is even more fun to be the center of attention, to have people “Do another one to me!”  This is called 21 drinking, where excess is the name of the game.  Alcohol poisoning aside, there are many downsides to drinking like a 21-year-old.

The reasons not to get 21 drunk exist within the deleted hours of a night, that just-can’t-seem-to-remember post Jaeger shot to pre vomit time slot.  This is when the spewing, ranting, fighting, bitching, and crying come out to play.  It is at this point that friends are tempted to exorcise said drunk ass from the bar.  Ironically, the source of this unwanted rapture can never seem to remember it.  Drinking to excess is not a personal choice.  This decision has an unavoidable affect on those around Mr. or Mrs. Shit!-I-wet-my-pants-because-I-can’t-control-my-bladder .

Drinking, like any other activity in life, must be practiced.  Knowing limits is a process to be explored as one opens themselves to new situations as well as new types of alcohol.  Feel free to go beyond your limits.  Just pre order a cab so you don’t ruin the night for the rest of us.  Ya dig?

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