#69. Quote movies. Just do it sparingly.

The need to canonize the world of film in everyday speech can be found in the gene code of every male twenty-something year old.  What started out as a hobby, a welcome blend within an already vibrant social sphere has turned from a rite of passage to part of human RNA through a process known as Filmbiosis.  The earliest Talkies cemented unforgettable quotes in the international conscience but the process of utilizing these quotes in a pedestrian manner was catalyzed by such industry stars as Jim Carrey, the Coen Brothers, and Judd Apatow, king of the on-the-cusp-of-brotasticism, one-liner.

Today, movies are written, produced, and directed, all with the intent of inserting as many quotable quotes as possible.  To this effect, it is surely nobody’s fault that movies are so frequently quoted.  After all, these movies are funny and infectious, and at $12.50 per ticket, we want to bleed the film for every last ounce of funny it’s got.

We all love talkies but we cannot borrow our best material from them.  Our brains will surely be rendered useless if we continuously lift from this fictitiously witty dialogue.  This is an uphill battle, ladies and gentlemen.  We are fighting not only the field of biology but the mass media as well.

Remember, I said sparingly, not cold turkey.  “The dude abides.”  “I’ll be back.”  “Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.”  “Laces out, Dan!”  Whew! That felt good!

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