#70. Ponder your posture.

This author could make the argument that posture has been stigmatized, that it has gone the way of mega wealth and excess, and that its association with class and status has shoved it into the ever expanding discriminatory trends galaxy.  Alas, this claim cannot be made for it is simply not true, and that is giving posture way too much credit.  The all too human fact is that we are too lazy to worry about our posture.  Posture, like proper foot hygiene and flossing, takes the back seat on the body maintenance bus.  Pumping iron and hair care occupy the front AND nail the prom queen.  Damn.

So why care?  First, the straighter the spine, the more confidence you will have.  It is as simple as that.  Furthermore, propping yourself up physically has an immediate affect on any less than jovial mood.  You may gloss over “immediate”, but it really does happen, immediately.  Try it right now- Yes, you.  Straighten that spine, shoulders back.  Let your posture set your mental tone.  Finally, the most important reason to have a straight spine is so you don’t have the posture of a flaccid penis when you turn forty five.

Maintaining proper posture is the best way to physically maintain mental confidence.  Yes, even better than what that jock who’s getting lucky in the front seat is doing.  He’ll probably get the herp anyway.


One thought on “#70. Ponder your posture.

  1. Hi,

    Good posture is a lot more than making your back straight and pulling the shoulders back. In doing this you’re are often doing equal or more damage to your skelto-muscular system. Despite this the tone of the post is great. Check out http://www.alexandertech.org or http://www.stat.org.uk/ and you’ll find ‘good posture’, learnt through the correct manner, will not only bring about more confidence, poise and elegance to your movements but will gift an amazing sense of freedom in your body. Highly recommended for anyone, especially those with bad backs, bad necks-almost a total physical panacea.


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