#71. Handle your hands with less caution.

Beyond necessity, most men do not care for their hands.  Most male toiletry cabinets do not feature the latest line of Kiehl’s hand rubs.  Bravo, I say.  A man’s hands are meant to be worn and rugged.  And yes, rough, manly hands are the perfect compliment to even the most elegant ensemble.

Due to our shift from hunter-gatherers to agrarians to capitalists, our hands have become soft, both physically and mentally.  We no longer feel comfort in a piece of wood waiting to be whittled.  We don’t even have the cojones to pull a lasagna from the oven, let alone catch a rattlesnake by the throat.  Our hands have gone the way of fleshy pillows.  We have blunted our most basic and useful set of tools.

To all sexes, take up a hobby which requires the use of your hands.  Be it Lego, chopping meat, cooking, dry walling, or calligraphy, we must feel what is capable of our hands beyond a keyboard or steering wheel.  We must re-access the pleasure that comes from “hand made”.  Hands are the tools of the brain.  They are our most direct link to the physical world.

Regarding your nails…  Keep them short and clean, just like your mama taught you.


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