#72. Take a stroll for dessert.

Siesta may be gods gift to Spain, but this author prefers to take a walk after his meals and not nap like a baby.  Fine! Maybe I’m jealous! I miss nap time, damnit.

Despite what it may feel like, we eat plenty of meals outside the office, when free time is easier to come by than a super majority passing a health reform bill (Topical! Yowza!).  Some eat up to two (2!) whole meals on their own time, every day!   For these lucky diners, there is no better dessert than a walk.  A stroll pairs beautifully with any food, whether it be mac ‘n cheez or filet mignon.  Except for turkey.  Damn you, tryptophan.

Whether it be around the block or the park, five minutes or an hour, a leisurely stroll is the perfect time to digest your food, your thoughts, and your surroundings.  The best thinking is done on a full stomach.  In addition, even the most leisurely of jaunts results in a euphoric rush of endorphins and blood, providing the perfect stasis in which to have a conversation, mull over ideas, or heartily enjoy some fresh air.

I used to think walks were for old people.

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