#73. A patterned coat is a gamble.

A coat is an investment.  Rarely does one buy a coat, or any other serious piece of outerwear, and consider it a one season purchase.  A coat is expected to endure the elements as much as it is years of changing style.  It is a staple of any wardrobe, be it from H & M or Burberry.  While today’s patterns are as accessible and varied as ever, many of them are playful and loud, tying them to a specific style or season.

This author is all for patterns (OBA #23), both mixed and matched, but when it comes to a coat, it is best to leave the patterns for what’s underneath.  A patterned coat may be gorgeous and striking, but the overwhelming majority of these debonair jackets will fall out of fashion as the seasons change and will not return until your second child is born.  When choosing a coat, a solid color is always a classy and intelligent choice.  With proper maintenance, your second child will look just as striking in it as you do.

If you do choose to purchase a patterned coat, make it a smaller pattern, such as a houndstooth or an understated plaid in any shade of tan or a darker blue.


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