#74. Take control of your emotions.

The clean Edward Hopper winter has soiled itself, morphing into a Tim Burton inspired snowpocalypse. White is black and joy is, well, not.  We are mentally exhausted by the gray sludge that we forget exists as this beatific season approaches each year.  So we sit in a bleak daze, longing for the tide of spring to cleanse our streets of black snow as well as our minds of black thoughts.

It is at this moment that the human condition is mucked, when so much that we do or accomplish can feel opaque and rote.  Yet, as humans, as an entity unto ourselves, we are free to control our emotions.  We can remove ourselves from a situation, from our desk, from our commute, from our wet boots, and ask ourselves why we aren’t operating at the peak of emotional well being?  Our ability to control our attitude is mangled by the conformity and uniformity of life’s necessities.

Alas, we can and must extract joy and feeling from whatever we choose!  The first step to extracting feeling (feeling, feeling, feeling, joy, emotion, feeling, FEELING!!!!!) from what may seem to be the doldrums of a life, is to change our perspective.  We control our emotions, they do not, and will never, control us (repeat if necessary). After this internalization, we will understand and accept the impact of laughing, leaning back, listening to a song, taking a walk, hopping on a plane to nowhere, or any other absolute necessity of feeling happy and human.

This is not Tony Robbins.  This is a reminder, that is all.  A reminder that you control your mood, and only you can take charge of a dull day or moment.  We were made to feel.  The moment we forget that, we forget what it is to be alive.


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