#75. Sweatpants. Really? Still?

For years, citizens of these United States have been under the impression that sweatpants are suitable fair for any occasion not specifically requesting black tie.  The invent of the Juicy tracksuit fanned these flames, introducing fashionable sweat-wear, an oxymoronic, evil polycephaly of newer and lower fashion standards.  With their unabashed lure of comfort, sweatpants have long claimed their spot as the laziest article of clothing a person can own.  With America’s already lackadaisical attitude toward dress, it was only logical that man and fabric marry.  What a couple.

While ease and comfort may be your claim, there is little room for sweatpants in a wardrobe, male or female.  Beyond a pair used to sleep or work out in, sweatpants are never meant to be worn in a social setting, whether it be the grocery store, a bar, or class.  “So what? I don’t care what others think and I am comfortable!” may be your retort.  Yet, no matter how confident you are in your cottony pillow pants, a fuzzy signal is being sent to all, and you look like poop.

Wearing sweatpants in public is like riding around in a wheelchair when you’re podiatrically sound.  Or wearing your retainer to a dinner party.  Your choice.


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