#76. Keep a notebook.

The art of writing is dying.  No more penmanship in the schools!  Burn the pencils!  Leak the pens dry!  Merely fossils of a bygone era…  We are dangerously close to this, my friends.

Keeping a notebook is one of the greatest pleasures this author has come to enjoy over the past year.  Penning thoughts is a writeful privilege ignored and shunned by modern society.  Journals are phased out with the coming of the first pubic hair, while access to cheap computing has made writing not only obsolete in classrooms and offices worldwide, but looked down upon as well.

It is through the written word that we have freed peoples and proclaimed the beauty of a million sunsets.  As the all too anonymous Norbet Platt once claimed, “The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought. This in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.”

Whether it be in a Moleskine, an ironically trendy black and white notebook, or even a spiral bound (old school!), the act of physically scrawling our thoughts and placing them on a tangible piece of paper is nothing short of absolute catharsis.

And hey, unlike the swath of microchips we carry in our pockets, a notebook won’t result in a third and very unwanted testicle!


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